Friday, October 29, 2010

Leaves in my hair (or at least on my desk)

It has been quite the month for trips to Toronto, and my dear friend (who is terribly awesome) was so kind as to pick me up some tea at The Tea Emporium.

So, my workspace is now the happy holder of

Madame Butterfly, for when I need something a bit fruity. I do love the hint of peach in the afternoon.


Fujian White Rose, as I am hopelessly in love with the delicate blends of white tea. So subtle, so lovely.

Of course, nothing can compete with my Iron Empress Oolong (or is it Empress Iron Goddess? I know where to find it on the shelf, which is what counts). Which reminds me, I need a trip to The Tea Store. My work supply has run out, and I do not know what will become of me if a craving hits before I replenish  my supply.

Upcoming Event: Fancy Dinner at Play. And shenanigans.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Civicness Abounds

Crossposted from my livejournal, which I can post to from my iphone. (old school meets new school, I know)

I voted for a mayor today! I feel incredibly civic, especially since I voted in the basement of a church, with a fabulously eclectic bunch of volunteers and with a little sharpie voting marker.
After coming to political age as a Canadian in one of the redest states in the union and under the Bush years, I am super pleased to have broken through this barrier in my political apathy. Plus I have a whole little philosophy about voting, involving the fact that if things don't work, I can try for someone else next year! I am flush with democratic freedom and power! And also am going right away to look up whether elected officials make up a democracy or a republic. ( I hope to win the argument with my friend that we in fact live in a republic, not a democracy. Also, yes yes, commonwealth, constitutional monarchy, hush, this is my democracy argument) Also also, that is a lie. I will look it up later when I am not posting from my phone, on a bus, on my way to my grandmother's wake. Decent chance my dad and I are going to end up singing old folk songs.
Update: My friends then looked it up for me! Because I live an awesome and beloved life. The conversation went as follows:
Friend A
You're going to win your argument. In a democracy (A "direct democracy") all laws would be voted on by all people - not really practical for more than a few 100 people. Thus, representational democracy was born, wherein everyone elects someone to speak for their needs. Individual states and provinces are representational democracies. Once you federate those together, though, you end up with a republic.

Friend B.
Yeah, but that's not how it works in Canada.

We have a representative democracy - we vote for a person to represent us in provincial elections, and again in federal elections - they are completely separate electoral systems.
The federal house is made up of individuals who were elected directly by their constituents to represent their interests. The party in power is the one with the largest number of dedicated representatives in the house, and the Prime Minister is the leader of that party, elected by card-carrying party members prior to the federal election (provided he was elected by his small number of geographically-based constituents).

Sorry, Rabbit. I'm with your opponent on this one.

Also, congrats on voting. It worked!
Also, sad to hear about your grandmother. You and your dad ok?

I wrote that early this morning, and I wasn't entirely clear. The key difference is that a republic is a federation of semi-independent states. The laws of one state still apply to citizens of the other states, even though they never voted for the legislators who passed them. For example, when you go to sunny Alberta, the laws of the Albertans still apply to you even if you are a Ontarian (Ontarionian? Ontarianist? Ontarionaut?).

In a democracy, this wouldn't be true. To be completely accurate, one should say that Canada is a republic of representational democracies. But of course, it's a constitutional monarchy with characteristics of a republic of representational democracies. You might as well just elect a pope and finish off your collection.

Upcoming Event: Rockclimbing at Vertical Reality.

P.S. Yes, I post upcoming events. No, you are not allowed to use this to stalk me, it is purely so that you know about awesome stuff in ottawa. Glad that we cleared that up. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Ottawa Small Press Book Fair

Walked the all of two blocks to the Ottawa Small Press Book fair on Saturday, and it was... well, small. 

But I found neat stuff! The Grunge Papers a papermaker who has four presses in his apartment and let me muck about in the moveable type. (I am linking you to the etsy page, but there is a real website too. I love my little handmade paper calling card). 

I picked up a nicely printed copy of A Modest Proposal (which will always have a satire-rich spot in my heart), a small chapbook by Helen Hajnicksky called A History of Button Collecting after seeing her talk at the pre-fair reading.

I also signed up for, a emagazine about canadian politics and goingsons.

Altogether, a fairly successful morning, and then I made pinwheels, which turned out fantastic! Huzzah for arbitrarily adding allspice!

Upcoming Events: Mayfair Theater SILENT HORROR FILM FESTIVAL

"The ultimate act of expressionist filmmaking, Caligari tells its tale – of a hypnotist who uses a somnambulist to commit murder – on the underside of a tightrope stretched between dreams and reality. Featuring a suitably dreamy live score by HILOTRONS."

YES, do you know who I love? HILOTRONS! whooo! And drinks and food at Irene's Pub beforehand!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Long Weekends

Since becoming single again I have found long weekends to be particularly challenging. Suddenly there is time that weighs heavily in my hands, and no matter how many games nights (yahtzee!), outings (Vintage Urban Cabaret - a belly dancing show with steampunk leanings) or breakfasts at Elgin Street Diner I plan, I always end up with just a little bit too much time in my apartment. This is of course compounded by the fact that on the holiday, things aren't exactly open, which makes running errands slightly less likely to happen.

But, this long weekend involved a couple of exciting developments. One: I discovered I can make raspberry pie as good as my dad's (this is unfortunately also coupled with the discovery that I am fully capable of eating most of a pie all on my own) and Two: I have missed crochet.

I have just finished a hat, and started a new one. I tend to like very simple projects, often ones that I can work on while watching something with subtitles (Today's korean drama is Sunkyunkwan Scandal which is ACTUALLY a school drama set in historic times and involves a young lady disguised as her brother so she can go to the all boy academy and get stuck in a room with a honourable lord and a guy described as "a crazy horse" [oh god, I love it so much])

So honestly, the hat is totally not worth showing you. BUT, I recently finished a project with a friend for an other more different friend's baby. We made a baby blanket. And because this friend is part of The Who Council (I may have been out at a show, slightly intoxicated, and decided to inform my friends that we were all Wise Owls and as such were on The Who Council. I may also demand they fistbump me and say Who! The Who Council is totally awesome), and is in fact one of the founding members, we made him a baby blanket with crochet owls. Guys, these owls are ADORABLE. The blue one is the tiny owl once I'd worked him into a granny square.

 and this one is the one that lives on my office wall. I call him Puppy. (The Poppy is for Remembrance Day! Remember! It is coming up!)

You can find the pattern here. Umm.. the eyes aren't supposed to come out mismatched, but be warned, that happens a lot.