Friday, October 29, 2010

Leaves in my hair (or at least on my desk)

It has been quite the month for trips to Toronto, and my dear friend (who is terribly awesome) was so kind as to pick me up some tea at The Tea Emporium.

So, my workspace is now the happy holder of

Madame Butterfly, for when I need something a bit fruity. I do love the hint of peach in the afternoon.


Fujian White Rose, as I am hopelessly in love with the delicate blends of white tea. So subtle, so lovely.

Of course, nothing can compete with my Iron Empress Oolong (or is it Empress Iron Goddess? I know where to find it on the shelf, which is what counts). Which reminds me, I need a trip to The Tea Store. My work supply has run out, and I do not know what will become of me if a craving hits before I replenish  my supply.

Upcoming Event: Fancy Dinner at Play. And shenanigans.

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