Monday, December 13, 2010


Right, so, yes, I am still totally working on that Korean television post, but I am also currently waiting for the second half of my Fringe episode to load, and I figured I should mention it to you.

Because Fringe is definitely my favourite thing on North American TV right now. It is a modern day X-files that so far has managed to stay good. So good. Even manages to balance two worlds in alternating episodes good.

And I think Olivia Dunham is one of my favourite characters of all time. I read a lot of feminist blogs, and there are a lot of things about current media that make me wince, but Dunham deals with so much with so much grace and without losing her humanity or her ability to cope. Right, I should probably stop now before I end up with another half finished post in which I go far deeper into my mad character love than the show necessarily needs. But guys, SO GOOD. so v. v. good.

Which of course worries me that the show is going to vanish some time in the next few months (Fucking Fox). It has been a long time since I waited for a show to air with such anticipation.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Eee Sherlock!

I am halfway through a brilliant and long post about the glories of Korean television, but I am interrupting that moderately scheduled blogpost to bring you a brief session of hand waving and gleeful grinning about another of my favourite shows.

Sherlock does the absolutely BEST rendition of an updated Holmes story, and it is one of the few cinematic endeavours I've yet to encounter which manages to use text messaging and laptops effectively. (the fact that so many movies still seem to use technology attitudes from the late 1990s drives me mad)

So yes, if you haven't seen the new BBC Sherlock series (only 3 episodes right now. I can hardly wait for more) I highly recommend them! And not just because everyone keeps assuming they are dating and Watson is endearingly grumpy about this since he is trying to get a date with an attractive lady, thank you very much. The second episode has some wonky eastern exoticism going on, but episode 1 and episode 3 are just So Much Fun.

The BBC has even done some work so that you can visit Dr. John Watson's blog online (his therapist recommended he start one). I don't think they've quite managed to devote the time that pulling off an integrated internet branch of this series, but I like the effort.

Which brings me to the actual reason I am posting about this now instead of six months ago when I dug through the internet for the British episode releases: this show has inspired some fantastically brilliant vids! The first one is genuinely pretty, and impressively edited. The second one just really entertains me.


Guys, the Sherlock vidders are just hitting it out of the park! They've even done some work to The Dandy Warhol song "I am a Scientist", to which I am quite partial.