Monday, November 1, 2010

Petticoat Perfection

So I promised to tell you what else I bought while in Toronto last month (did I promise? Well, I promised myself I'd tell you, which is even better!).

Yes, I bought the Best. Petticoat. Ever.

I found it hanging outside a small shop in Kensington Market, and here it is chilling on my awesome couch.

Check out how fluffy it is! This thing is huge.

I've been challenged on calling it a petticoat a number of times, because it is so gloriously poofy (crinolin? Not scratchy enough, I think. And there is certainly no hoop). Here is the easy definition found from google: "A woman's slip or underskirt that is often full and trimmed with ruffles or lace." So yes, that's true. Although I suspect there are much more detailed and specific definitions lurking.

So what was my petticoat's first outing you ask? Or, for those of you who have looked at your calendar, suspect? Why yes. Halloween. I really really love Halloween.

I actually don't have a photo for you of the Friday outing, but here is the look I used for the party O'Halloween:

The completed look has a clown nose and everything! SO PLEASED. Although none of the photos accurately convey the sheer volume of this thing (heh, sheer). There was fear regarding doorframes (no worries, it compacted well) and I definitely spent Sunday cleaning chocolate out of it after spinning near the cupcake platter.

But can we just take a moment to think about how much fun this is going to be for a steampunk outfit?

Upcoming Event: Yoga because I am too tired for rockclimbing.

And as a bonus photo, it worked really well with my coat!
(Yes, I used the Hipstamatic app on my iphone. Yes, I love it. Everyone will just have to deal)

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