Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lost Girl

While navigating the Toronto subway system, I came across a number of advertisments for the tv show Lost Girl. An offering from Showcase, (for my American friends, think of it as a combination of Bravo and Showtime) the ads featured a girl in tight black leather and vague text about demons. I was obviously intrigued, and then promptly couldn't find it online.

Well, I found it here (oh bugger, and it turns out is also on the official Showcase website linked above, am an idiot), and so far it is BRILLIANT. Better production quality than Blood Ties (which I still maintain is a show better than the original books, not matter how much I love Tanya Huff's other novels), the protagonist is strong and funny, her male foil is exactement à mon gout, and she's a succubus. I mean, come on! We're talking Fae, and the world building is really good, and I am super pleased about this, especially as it is perfect for my slightly hungover Sunday morning.

For those of us who tried Dark Angel and just Couldn't Do It, or maybe for those of you who really liked that show too, I heartily endorse this. Plus, Canadian! Can't wait to find out if it is set in a Canadian city too, because man I like it when shows are not set in New York City.

Upcoming Events: Maybe Spins and Needles on Friday? Crafting to a DJ is always good times.

UPDATE: He is wearing a vest!! And is all scruffy! Wheee~

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