Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The songs in my head

My friend asked for my Top Five songs of the moment, (yes, technically she asked for this a month ago, but Twitter is hard sometimes!) so here they are, in no particular order and subject to change.

Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal 
I love the Fleet Foxes for their lush dreamy playing, which is so terribly delicate and yet feels so full. Makes me want to stare out the window on a snowy day. 

Mother Mother - My Baby Don't Dance
I am hopelessly in love with the new Mother Mother album Eureka, and am PLEASED AS PUNCH that they are coming to Bluesfest. A little retro, lovely and upbeat, and I always feel like it is a strange mix between urbanity and the hayloft. This single is currently my favourite, and is also the one that is getting a lot of play on CBC Radio 3. (there is no nice video attached to this one)

The Faint - Glass Danse
Angry, with a driving beat that I find myself trying vainly to hum at the dinner table. I've always loved The Faint, and I hope I always will.

St. Vincent - Now, Now
St. Vincent's album "Marry Me" has had my favourite tunes to turn on in the morning while I'm still soft around the edges for years now. Mellow and sharp, with that sweetness of voice that I constantly gravitate towards.

Dan Mangan - Robots
Dan Mangan is totally and utterly adorable (he's from B.C.) and this song is totally and utterly adorable and robots do need love too!

In other news, I am also listening to Man Man and contemplating a purchase of The Real Tuesdays, but I haven't spent enough time with either of them to really know yet. 

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