Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Iphone Tethering

I actually went over my bandwidth last month, because I was horribly ill and mainlining the anime Samurai 7 through netflix like a banshee (this fixed bandwidth thing is such bullshit. Need to sign me that petition before it gets worse).

It was of course AFTER I received my bill that I realized I have a data plan which is approximately eighty billion times more than I need and could have shouldered some of the burden. So I went off to find out how to access my iphone data plan from my computer.

Guys, guys, it is SO EASY. Follow these instructions and TADA!  I will never need to pay for internet in a coffee shop EVER AGAIN. Now if I could just get decent coverage when I travel in the states.

UPDATE: Ok, so it is supposed to be that easy. I tested it, but only halfway, and then when I put it into practice this evening, I realized I am, once again, a giant liar.

First, find out if your provider supports tethering. You can check here. For those of us in Canada, Fido does. Then you can follow the instructions above. For some reason, you may not be actually able to find your phone. I recommend mucking about with the bluetooth, setting up the device, and then ending up using the network option called ethernet cable even though you know your phone is connected using a USB cord. Mine is working now, but to be honest I am not entirely sure how....

So best of luck! I hope it turns out and you too can enjoy delicious delicious data plan internet.

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