Monday, March 14, 2011

Bluesfest Nostalgia

Ottawa Bluesfest is hosting a Gala Event at the FINALLY finished Ottawa Convention Centre (you know, the construction zone by the Rideau Mall) and although there is no way I am forking out that kind of cash to go, I am SUPER excited for the Bluesfest line-up to be annouced.

So until that long awaited for week in April when we find out what bands we will be listening to while praying that it doesn't rain (or wishing that it would on the hot days) down by the War Museum, here is a weekly collection of the awesome bands I have found while cheerfully wandering stage to stage at Ottawa's Bluesfest (and yes, we know that most of these aren't Blues. It has been noted. Just work with it.) Keep in mind that these bands will be the ones I didn't not know about before seeing them on stage, not the ones I was already increadibly excited for.

First on our list is Caravan Palace, which was on one of the bigger stages and caught our interest right away. They sold out before I even made it to the merch tent, and then sold out of the downtown music store. Thank goodness they can order CDS in. French electroswing from Paris, and so so fantastic.

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