Thursday, March 3, 2011

Art is Neat

The internet is filled with amazing artists. And so, it turns out, is Ottawa.

Popped into the Ottawa Arts Court on my way to Dr. Sketchy's (my sketches turned out really well, and we got there early enough to get better seats! Actually thinking about getting a scanner at some point so that I can share).

I was there for the gallery show of Stefan Thompson, whose work I fell in love with many Art in the Parks ago. He's an artist with a serious environmental conscience who produces some gorgeous work: joyful and sinister.
I have some of his work up on my cabinets and it makes my kitchen so very happy.

Now, as much as I have been enjoying the plethora of local artists, my favourite artist is currently still Kelly Vivanco from California.

I have been following Kelly Vivanco since I first stumbled upon Patches (the webcomic of my soul):
and then I went off and bought this print:

I still need to get it framed, but it is on the list!

So in conclusion: Art is Neat.

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